The Secrets Game

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The Secrets Game
Everybody has secrets. Would you tell yours? Or would you keep them to yourself, and make up phony stories instead? If you lied, would your friends believe you? Play the Secrets Game , and find out! ::The cards supply the opening lines. You supply the stories! It’s a rare chance to share a memorable moment. To brag about your accomplishments. Or to make up one whale of a tale, and try to get away with it!::What was your strangest dream? The dumbest outfit your mother ever made you wear? The most outrageous lie you ever told(when not playing this game)?::Decide when to tell secrets and when to tell lies! You’ll win The Secrets Game by fooling the most people, and by guessing who’s revealing and who’s concealing! But win or lose, you’re in for lots of lively conversation-and some very candid confessions!
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