Talicor 303 Pillywinks Game

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Talicor 303 Pillywinks Game
Meet PJ the Bear, Spinner the Cat, Pearls the Bunny, Tip Top the Duck and Snuggles the Dog. They are all cuddly friends to help guide your children to bed. Through these delightful characters, funny bedtime activities and little, soft, colorful pillows, Pilly Winks makes bedtime something to look forward to! As you read the Pilly Winks bedtime story, your little one is asked to find the Pilly Wink pillow that matches the one in the book and to do the get-ready-for-bed step. From picking up toys while quacking to snuggling under the covers, Pilly Winks make going to bed as warm and friendly an event as the day that came before. Included with the five Pilly Wink Pillows, are a book and a soft tote bag, so children can take their Pilly Winks to Grandmas or in the car! Ages 2-5
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