Red and Black Backgammon Set

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Red and Black Backgammon Set
Executive 15″ Backgammon Set in a vibrant red case with a stylish single black stripe. Includes chips, dice and cups. Backgammon is known to be one of the oldest games ever to exist and was unquestionably the most universally widespread. Modern day Backgammon was not invented overnight. It is a creation evolved from many versions of the game that have been passed along from generation to generation. Backgammon is a game of fortune as well as skill, but the rules are very simple and easy to learn. The history of the game has been linked to the aristocracy of ancient empires proven by artifacts as well as legendary references from Persia, Greece, Rome, and the Far East. Backgammon is also associated with the game of Senet, in ancient Egypt, found in King Tut’s original tomb. Backgammon is an excellent way to enjoy a night at home with your family and friends.
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