Due to overwhelming demand, the Scrabble game with more spaces, more points and more tiles is now available with a rotating game board and raised grid spaces. 2 to 4 players.

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The race is on to find the “Top 25″ – the world’s most familiar words. Zoom to land on all your words then zip back home before anyone else and you win! Word Chase! familiarizes players with “sight words,” the top 25 building block words in the English language known as the Dolch List and Fry’s Instant Words. These words are common stumbling blocks to emerging readers and are essential for reading fluency. Age: 4 and up. Play time: about 15 minutes. Contents: 1 game board * 50 word cards (only 25 are used for game play; the additional cards can be used for matching games such as “Go Fish”) * 4 game pieces. Special Features: Eco-Friendly! Printed with soy based ink, water based varnish, phthalate-free lamination on recycled board. Although most early learning games focus exclusively on upper-case letters, over 90% of the English language is written in lower-case, putting emerging readers who are only familiar with upper-case letters at a disadvantage. Word Chase! includes only lower-case letters. Orientation: Small touches like the bee buzzing along the bottom of each word card helps emerging readers instantly recognize when a word is right side up or upside down.

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Everyone loves the timeless gameplay of Scrabble. Now, with Super Scrabble, you’ll be able to add to your fun with more tiles, more spaces and more scoring.

You’ll find 200 wooden letter tiles, comprising a unique letter distribution, that permits you to make words not possible in regular gameplay (without using the blanks). The Super Scrabble gameboard has nearly twice the amount of spaces of a standard board (441 spaces compared to 225). The added room allows your words to spread further and faster than ever before. To the familiar double and triple letter and word scoring spaces are added all new quadruple letter and word scoring spaces, tempting you to reach for bigger and bigger bonuses. For two to four players.

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Parker Brothers Monopoly and Scrabble With plus 4 classic games:::property trading game from parker brothers::plus 4 classic games::chess , checkers, dominoes and poker dice::in a solid wood cabinet!:::there’s hours of entertainment inside this handsome solid wood game cabinet, and with a:drawer to hold the playing pieces, the fun is always at hand! try to own it all in monopoly, the::world’s #1 property trading game.:then flip the board over for scrabble, america’s favorite word game. you’ll admire the quality-:and love the value- of this great set!


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The word is out! Fun game of cover-up . . . This award-winning game covers everything from A to Z. Be the first to cover all the letter spaces on your game board by calling out words in specific categories before the time runs out and you win! Great strategy game for 2-4 players. -ages 7+-

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A balance of strategy and luck combines with fast-paced player interaction and comback possibilities as players take turns pronouncing words backwards. The first player to shout out the correct forward pronunciation moves forward–or backwards! Trying to figure out what these funny-sounding Backwords words are frontwards is absolutely addicting.

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Wacky Words is the madcap game of fill-in-the-blank fun. “Dear Diary… Johnny is the dreamiest monkey I know. He makes me feel like doughnuts in the springtime.” What!? You and your family and friends will have hilarious fun working together to create headline stories, book reports, vacation postcards and even horoscopes in a game of fill-in-the-blank fun. Quick and easy to play. Game includes 20 story cards, five secret keepers, six dry-erase pens, eraser, letter spinner, scorecard and rules sheet. Tin measures 10″ x 6.5″. For 4-6 players.

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Set the timer for one minute and then shake, rattle, and roll (up to three times). Make as many words as you can during the allotted time–from top to bottom and straight across. You get bonuses for words of the same color, matching colors with your current round, and using all your dice.::Word Toss is a fast and easy-to-learn family game, packed with strategy–and, it’s MADE IN THE USA!

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Cranium Cosmo is the desktop version of the popular Cranium game. It’s ideal anytime you want a 5-minute burst of fun with co-workers or friends. Just pull a card from Cosmo and do whatever it says. 15 outrageous activities include Creative Cat, where you sculpt masterpieces from clay; Data Head that gets you noodling on fun facts; Word Worm to inspire the wordsmith in you; and Star Performer that brings out the aspiring actor. Includes Cosmo and stand, Cranium Clay, 16 Cranium building cubes, 125 Cosmo cards plus Cosmo card booster pack. Ages 12 and up. Made in USA.

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First player or team to find a word starts the marble rolling down the groove. The other player/team must come up with something before the marble reaches the bottom!

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Now you can play America’s favorite game show of picture puzzles with this exciting home version that’s fun for the whole family!::Players 1st test their memory skills as they try to match pairs of fabulous prizes on the game board. With every match they make, a portion of the hidden picture is uncovered! Theres 48 different puzzles in all! Try to guess the famous phrase, person or thing correctly and receive dollars for the prizes you matched throughout the game!

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