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Become the ultimate word nerd and outwit your opponent in this Crossword Puzzle Brain Game. Two opponents alternate turns by selecting letters that both players must use to spell out words on a 3D-grid game board. Make as many one- to five-letter words as possible while scoringbonus points by creating words within words. Provides hours of brainy fun.

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Mine is tight. It’s hot when I wear mine. I hate shopping for mine. Be clever, be witty, or be outrageous when describing your swimsuit, neighbor, closet, hair, or whatever Guess Word is picked. but, best of all, be creative so you don’t reveal the word to the player in the Hot Seat. Get ready for some side-splitting laughs as players answer “What’s Yours Like'” For 4 or more players.

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It’s the triple Gameplay – for triple the fun! Play classic two-team Outburst… plus backwards Reverseburst…plus bidding Challenge Burst. Three ways to play the game!:You remember Outburst: Your team hears a Topic like “basic Ice Cream Flavors”. Now yell out every name you can think of. But no matter how wonderful or numerous or humorous your answers are, you only get credit for the names that are on the Topic card! :In Reverseburst, you’re given the answers. Now guess the Topic! The fewer clues you need, the further ahead you move.::In Challenge Burst, both teams bet how many “correct” answers they can come up with. The team that wins the bid has to make good on their bet – or their rivals surge ahead the amount of their bid!::Ultimate Outburst. It’s the Classic Game of Verbal Explosions times 3 … for 3 times the fun!

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Now…. an edition of the popular and fun-filled game adverteasing especially designed for the younger crowd! Kids will have a great time recalling well-known TV commercial characters, slogans and jingles , racing down the the exciting Adverteasing-Land roller coaster-moving ahead with each correct answer.

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Likes N Gripes is the outrageously fun game where players try to match answers about they like and don’t like- about all kinds of things. There are over 400 categories included! Every time you match a like or a gripe with another player, you both move ahead on the game board. The 1st player to reach the finish space wins!

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