Explore space and join Carmen Sandiego in her pursuit of the greatest treasures of all: the planets. Players race through the solar system, visiting the planets and answering questions about them. Can you figure out whether Venus is close in size to Earth, the moon, or Saturn? How many moons surround Uranus? If you answer correctly you capture a planet, but be careful–the other players are hot on your trail!

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480 Questions & Answers from aardvarks to zodiac ::Take a guess and scroll up to check your answer ::Refill rolls available(sold separately)with hundreds of additional questions ::Storage drawer for extra Quiz’r refill rolls::A true companion to take anywhere!

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The Intellectual Game- It’s not just another Trivaia game!! Subjects: business & Law, Literature, Science & Technology, History, Art/Music/entertainment; Various & sundry 3600 classic questions and answers- “Over what river in northern Italy did J. Caesar make the famous crossing with his army (49 BC)?, Manufacturer: Play It Smart Products

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Board Game – The 90’s Game Board Game – Starbucks, Forrest Gump, Yahoo!, Nirvana, and Seinfeld! They’re all covered in this must have popular culture brain teaser: The 90’s Game!! With 3,000 questions, you can team up with friends and challenge your knowledge of the decade that gave us affordable cell phones, the Internet craze, and Monica Lewinski! Jump though each year of the 1990s by correctly answering questions, and the first to reach the center of the board wins!

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Trivial Pursuit Genus 5. Test your knowledge on topics ranging from the big screen to big events with this latest edition! 4,800 general knowledge questions! For 2 to 6 players or teams. Ages: Adult. Contents: Gameboard, 1 die, 6 tokens, 36 scoring wedges, instructions, and question and answer cards in 2 storage boxes.

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Learning Has Never Been More Fun! Professor Noggin travels around to develop a game that celebrates our beloved parks, which have helped preserve history, heritage, and the natural beauty of North America for the enjoyment of all its citizens. –ages 7+–

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The Game that finally resolves the battle of the sexes. Both competing teams get a shot at male and female questions alike and can win extra chips for their expertise in matters in the domain of the other sex.

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Six player spheres—-:One playing board—-:One die—-:Six status consoles—-:Twelve warp engine icons—-:Six impulse engine icons—-:Six phaser icons—-:Six forcefield icons—-:Two hundred question and answer cards—-:Thirty docking cards—-:One card dispenser—-:Twelve awards of valor—-:Twenty four scoring planet citations—-:One certificate of authenticity—-:Five planet hologram labels—-

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