A faithful replica of the original 1949 version of the perennial family favorite, CLUE. Features original artwork, weapons and tokens that duplicate the ones used in 1949. Includes beautifully illustrated “Clue Memories” booklet that describes Clue throughout the years. Contains: game board, deck of CLUE cards, detective notepads, silver-toned weapons, wooden tokens, die, pencils, and Clue booklet.

For 3 to 5 players.

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Who is the desperado? Where is the loot hidden? What evidence will work against the desperado? When will the desperado try to escape to Mexico?::At the start of this 1985 game, one player secretly becomes the desperado. He must make his way to the city where his money is stashed and head across the Mexican border to safety. The other players use deduction to determine who the desperado is and try to land on his location and capture him before he crosses the border. A good game that involves bluffing and deception.::Contents: a jigsaw playing board, 6 playing pieces, 2 dice, 48 assorted Identity, Evidence, and Geography cards, 48 Action cards, a desperado description sheet. Instructions on back of box.

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They’ll have hours of fun with this Baby Bratz Stylin’ Scavenger Hunt board game. It includes 1 board, 4 Baby Bratz player pieces, 4 player stands, 72 game cards, and 1 instruction manual. 2-4 player game. Ages 6 and up.

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Publisher: Decipher Inc. Number of Players: 8 Playing time: An evening Ages: 16 & up Overview: Become embroiled in a murder mystery straight out of your favorite novel. Each set is both unique to itself and formulaic, using a mix of four male and four female characters to lay out a string of ribald clues over three acts, culminating in the revealing of a murderer that could be any of the players! There are several variations with their own unique cast of characters and menus available: As a guest of renowed Roman poet Flabbius Corpuse, you and your fellow guests must get to the bottom of the the daring theft of a priceless statue as well as a case of murder most foul. As one of the eight Roman characters, you and your friends will be scheming and srambling til the end. Bring out the character with costumes, and enhance the evening with the advice contained within each How to Host a Murder, which ranges from menus to music choices to costume thoughts. Every one of these promises to make for a killer evening. Other games you might like: Clue; How to Host a Teen Mystery (not as ribald, but fun for the kiddies); Mystery of the Abbey

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Powar And Greede from HOW TO HOST A MURDER. Party for 8 (or more). Takes place in 1936. Its the Hollywood Premiere of Powar & Greede. Excitement turns to horror as murder is discovered. Who amongst you is the murderer?? Comes with cassette to set the scene, party planner, invitations and optional menu & recipes. This game is from 1988.

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Welcome to Wisteria Lane. A usual day in this neighborhood of perfect houses begins with a secret and ends with a scandal. Yes, surprises are everywhere in this loveliest of suburbs. Don’t bother to knock, just open the door, roll the die and discover the Desperate Housewives’ dirty laundry — and maybe reveal some secrets of your own. Shhhh! Each player has something to hush-up. Pry, spy and try to disclose it by uncovering clues through clever deduction. Discover what your neighbor is hiding without revealing your own little secret. If you’re the only player not outed, you’ll win the game. For 2 or more players. Ages 13 and up.

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you are invited to the “Most Likely” Club banquet at Hollywood High School. But when you arrive at the Hardest Rock Cafeteria, you discover that a fire in the science lab turns out to be arson. And test answers are missing from the principal’s office. As you assume the role of one of these 8 cool characters and solve the mystery, you and your guests will enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. All you need is a sense of humor and a light hearted approach toward blackmail, theft and deceit. How to Host a Teen Mystery is so much fun, its almost criminal

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Can you bring the Care Bears home? In this unique board game, players must navigate the game board, avoiding stopper spaces along the way. The first player to bring all four Care Bears home wins the game. Rules in English & Spanish.

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One player is secretly and randomly chosen to be the murderer, the rest are detectives (Jessica Fletcher) trying to determine which player is the murderer. The murderer player wins if he/she can murder five witnesses and escape off of the game board before he/she is discovered. A detective player wins by being the first to correctly deduce the identity of the murderer, before the murderer escapes. Players mark which locations they have visited and in which order. This information, along with the living or dead status of the witnesses, is used by the detective players to deduce who is the murderer player.

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