All the fun! All the strategy! All the involvement! Now players as young as 8 years old can join in! But, GO mental® FUNDAmental isn?t just for kids. Why? Because, it?s more than simply a kids? version of the classic game. GO mental® FUNDAmental can be played either as a stand-alone game or in conjunction with the classic GO mental® so that younger and older players can play, learn and enjoy together! Whether you?re a kid or just a kid at heart, no one?s left out. And, with the Junior Rules, players even younger than 8 can join in with cards you design especially for them! With GO mental® FUNDAmental the entire family can GO mental® at the same time!

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Each GO mental question contains 4 apparently unconnected things – they may be people, places, events, objects, or just plain things. Some will be instantly familiar, others down right strange. The point is, 1 of the 4 is the odd one out. The other 3 are somehow connected. First you must correctly identify which of the 4 things is the odd one out. Get this bit right and you move 1 space forward. Second, and providing you’ve got the odd one out right, correctly state how the other 3 are connected. Get this bit right and you move an additional 3 spaces forward. Ages 12 & Up – 3 to 6 Players

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Included are 1,000 brain-twisters that will delight and dumbfound as, alone or in teams, players race their brains from GO to mental. Each question contains 4 things. Players must name the odd one out and explain how the others are connected. GO Mental is more than a trivia game, however. It’s also a strategy game. Players can steal questions and challenge players, grabbing bonus points and sending players backward! Ages 12 through adult

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