As the leader of a powerful merchant clan, you must carefully plan the trade routes that will bring wealth to your family. Build fleets and caravans to control commerce in key cities and vie for rights of passage to your rivals’ islands. Caravans of Ahldarahd is a boardgame set in a fantastic realm of desert kingdoms. Each player has a unique gameboard with a mix of advantages and disadvantages. As you plan your strategy, you must choose whether to secure monopolies in your own region or throw caution to the wind and deploy your traders to distant ports. Your deals with fellow players will ultimately determine your success or failure. The resources you need to build your trading empire can only be acquired by the highest bid, so you must balance fast expansion with longterm planning. If you strike too soon, your control may be easy to challenge. But if you wait too long, the game could end before you’re able to fulfill your plans. In addition to resource and route management, players can bid for the favor of the mighty Shah, the zealous Eyes of Shamesh, and the mysterious Pirate Queen to secure special advantages. Meanwhile, each person’s map can be invaded by any opponent controlling its Right of Passage card. The position of your allies changes from turn to turn, so those who ignore the political play can find themselves at a disadvantage. Players: 2-5 Ages: 10 and up Playing Time: 60 minute

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Cluzzle is a fun-filled game that focuses on creativity, communication, and self-expression, yet it does not require artistic ability to play. In fact, you may even be rewarded for those difficult-to-guess designs. Cluzzle takes players through two fun phases: sculpting and guessing. In the first phase, every player creates a Cluzzle from one of the subjects on a random game card. What’s a Cluzzle, you ask’ A Cluzzle is simply a clay puzzle. Then comes the guessing. There are three rounds in which players ask yes/no questions to figure out what you have created. The longer it takes others to guess your Cluzzle, the more points you get. But you only get points if your Cluzzle is correctly guessed by the end of the game. So hear the laughter ensue as players try to guess your comical sculptures. Beware though: your friends will be working just as hard to riddle you in clay!

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Japan during the Sengoku or “Warring States” period: Each player assumes the role of a great Daimyo with all his troops. At the start of the game players must achieve a strong starting position. Each Daimyo has the same 10 possible actions to develop his kingdom and secure points. To do this he must deploy armies with great skill. Each round, the players decide which of the actions are to be played out and in which of their provinces. If battle ensues between opposing armies, the unique Cubetower plays the leading role. The troops from boths sides are thrown in together and the cubes that fall out at the bottom show who has won immediately. Owning provinces, temples, theatres, and castles means points when scores are tallied. Whichever Daimyo has the highest numbers of points after the second tally becomes SHOGUN.

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Now you can play the at-home version of the game show classic– and you don’t have to lose on TV to get it! Teams of two players complete to see who’s the fastest at guessing the secret password. Players can only give one-word clues, so you’ve got to be clever when you communicate! This fourth edition has been updated with new rules especially for three players (instead of only playing in pairs). Comes with cards, leatherette card holders, a scoring indicator and score pad. For 3 or more players, Ages 12 and Up.

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Each player starts the game with 9 spacecraft that are in orbit with all of the opponent’s spacecraft. On each turn, the spacecraft travel perilously close to and into inescapable black holes. Players are eliminated from the game if all nine of their spacecraft are lost into the black holes. Clever planning and diplomacy will win the game. Contents: 1 Game Board, 45 Spacecraft, Instructions. 2-5 Players Ages 8+

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Tumba will test your powers of reasoning and deduction Pieces and the base are all made of high-quality wood Balancing game is fun for kids and adults alike! This is a game of elimination so make sure you are the last one standing to win! This game includes 60 colored wooden blocks, 1 plinth (base), 1 cloth bag with drawstring and instructions, Recommended age group: 8 – NaN years, Manufacturer: Sababa Toys

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Live the magic of Disneyland and Disney World all year long with this enchanting game that brings the Magic Kingdom into your own living room! Travel along the 3D game board, visiting such famed attractions as the Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and Mickey’s Country House. Try to get autographs from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but watch out for opponents who will try to send you on a wild goose chase around the park. The first player to visit all of their attractions and make it back to the park entrance, wins the game! It’s a magical game the whole family can enjoy. Comes with Magic Kingdom Game Board, 6 Plastic Attractions with Backgrounds, 5 Family Pawns and Stands, 1 Mickey Mouse Pawn, 1 Donald Duck Pawn, 2 Dice, 30 Attraction Cards, 34 Event Cards, 2 Autograph Cards, Label Sheet, and Game Instructions. For 2 – 5 Players, Ages 6 and Up.

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Large deluxe Go Game set comes with storage style board with removable lid and pedastal round feet| velour bags with black and white stones and instructions in a white box.

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