Amusing party game in which players must come up with celebrities from various disciplines who have a particular first name.::Be challenged in a whole new way! With each turn, you must draw a name card and think of a famous person with that first name. ‘Who’ you say all depends on what square you land on:::Let’s say you draw the name “Jack”.:On a “Stars” square and you could say “Jack Nicholson”. On a “Fictional Characters” square and you could say “Jack Frost”. On “namedrop” square, you have to name as many “Jack’s” as you roll, in ANY category … Jack Palance, Jack the Ripper, Jack Kennedy….::On “nameoff” square, you battle with your opponents over who can name the most “Jack’s”.::Quick, you’ve got only 30 seconds or you lose your turn.::Object: It’s a race! To win, be the first player or team to reach “The Final Namesake” and correctly ‘namesake’ the game-winning name.::Contains: Game Board, 6 Tokens & 6 Stickers, Timer, Name Cards, Rule Sheet, Quick Reference Sheet.

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