This wonderful board game teaches about music and rhythm. The board is 20″ x 20″.

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Editorial Review:The winner of an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award, Make It Up answers those probing questions about how something is made or what it’s made up of. Each of the 18 sturdy cardboard story cards holds illustrations of five or more related items, with the center item located on a punch-out oval section. The game can be played alone or with one or two others, and the goal is to match each oval tile with its proper story card. For example, the birdhouse is matched with the bird, saw, nails and wood; the painting matches with the paint tubes, brush, palette, and blank canvas, and so on. The game comes with a Parents Guide of brief narratives for each card, along with rules for cooperative play and for memory/matching play. The game was designed by a practicing child psychotherapist and a child psychiatrist.

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Experience the same great game play and fun of TABOO, with this Junior Edition, featuring over 200 words specially picked for kids. The word is pancakes. You have to get your team to say it, but YOU cant say syrup, round or breakfast. Ca

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If the arrow points to a balloon that matches on eof the cards in your hand, it’s “Bye-Bye Balloon” – the player gets to discard the matching card. The player who lets all balloons go first – wins! Includes 24 balloon cards. For 2 to 4 players

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These exciting games provide a unique approach to reinforcing language skills. Each set offers four different game boards that reinforce a specific skill. After playing all four games, children will have practiced a whole skill area. Includes complete materials for four games, four colorful 9.5″ x 17.5″ game boards, playing cards for each game, game tokens, and directions. Initial Consonants makes learning consonants easy when solid lessons are combined with great gaming fun.


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The bravest princes of the kingdom set off on their way to wake up Sleeping Beauty. But only the one who collects three roses and conquers the thorny tower will wake up the sleeping princess with a kiss. A color dice game with 3-D tower. For 2-4 players. Contents: 1 set of game instructions 1 game board 1 die 1 Sleeping Beauty’s tower 4 princes 12 roses This game helps: * color recognition * learning tactical thinking

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Let your little grasshoppers have fun learning their numbers in this fun game. Children will love jumping from mat to mat as numbers are called. “Grasshopper in the Land of Numbers” is an active game for 1 or more players. Included: 1 starting mat, 1 target mat, 20 numbered mats, and 1 set of game instructions.

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Amazingly tiny, yet amazingly fun! This tiny tin from Haba, which secures easily to any keychain or belt, contains an entire mini-game, great for taking on trips and playing just about anywhere. Inside the tin, kids will find all the necessary pieces to set up a race track game to be played by up to four players. With a roll of the die, and the help of a few turbo boosts, the first person around the track twice wins! Set pieces are made entirely of wood and finished with a nontoxic paint. Designed in Germany and made with care in China.

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The game of consequences is a fun way to introduce or reinforce the idea that there is a consequence for all actions and behavior. Each card has an everyday task or behavior that results in a forward or backwards move. Roll the Dice to see how many stones you may travel. Follow the colorful stone path to the park, take a ride on the slide, go for ice cream and end at WATERLAND!! Ages 3 and Up 2 to 4 Players

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A story adventure game! Grump has taken the villagers’ treasures and is now fast asleep at the top of the beanstalk. Together, players climb to the top to recover their treasures. Grump may not be wakened or he takes back everything. Players share the treasures and leave some behind for Grump. Their kindness will help change him. The game is won when everyone has some of the treasure.

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A winter storm hits Little City. Granny and Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt, Mom and Dad and our Best Friend’s Family have things to do, places to go, errands to run. ::Our job is to help them out. We drive the Cars, get to the Places on their lists, and try return safely home. Deep snow? Bad ice? We decide when and where to do some plowing or spreading of sand. The weather keeps changing, so we have to be alert! ::Each game is a different, exciting challenge. Skills of communication, decision making and creative thinking are nurtured. Don’t get stuck on Fifth Avenue, Dad! ::Includes: 12 x 12″ board, weather reports, errands, cars, places, snow and ice, service trucks.

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