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Meet PJ the Bear, Spinner the Cat, Pearls the Bunny, Tip Top the Duck and Snuggles the Dog. They are all cuddly friends to help guide your children to bed. Through these delightful characters, funny bedtime activities and little, soft, colorful pillows, Pilly Winks makes bedtime something to look forward to! As you read the Pilly Winks bedtime story, your little one is asked to find the Pilly Wink pillow that matches the one in the book and to do the get-ready-for-bed step. From picking up toys while quacking to snuggling under the covers, Pilly Winks make going to bed as warm and friendly an event as the day that came before. Included with the five Pilly Wink Pillows, are a book and a soft tote bag, so children can take their Pilly Winks to Grandmas or in the car! Ages 2-5

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How well do you remember tidbits from Lizzie’s favorite TV show’ Can you guess what she would do in a sticky situation’ Have a hoot answering questions about what YOU would do too. Which one of your parents lets you get away with the most, or what was the funniest thing that ever happened to you’ Perform some silly stunts with your friends, and win points based on how well you answer or act. Rack up the most points and you’re the star of the game.

Includes: gameboard, four scorecards, score sheet, four pawns, 16 voting tokens, 16 scoring chips, two dice, four card decks, card tray, label sheet and instructions.

For 2 to 4 players.

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The Three Kingdoms period (263-222 BC) is perhaps the bloodiest and most eulogized period of Chinese history. The best known account of this period is the historical novel ”Romance of the Three Kingdoms” written in the 14th Century and the subject of numerous films, TV shows, manga, and anime. This Chinese chess set contains the major cast of characters from ”Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Unlike many character theme chess games in which characters are simply duplicated in different colors on each side, this set contains an entirely different case from one side to the other, giving the game a unique level of interest. Each figurine has their chess piece Chinese character molded at the base so you know which figurine is which piece. This character version of the incredibly popular game of Chinese chess has sparked a new interest for Chinese chess in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, and we are proud to be among the first to bring them to the United States.

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These chess pieces represent the two opposing armies in the most famous battle fought on English soil. Harold, the English King leads his Saxon forces against the invading William, Duke of Normandy. The ensuing battle near Hastings on the south coast of England in 1066 altered the course of English history. The amazing detail created by our sculptors is richly displayed in this historic chess set.

This superb set has been a favourite since its introduction in regular brown and ivory finish. After many requests our artists have demonstrated their skills by hand decorating this set so that it now seems to reveal more of the authentic detail in each piece.

The set is based on the famous Battle of Hastings in which King Harold II of England opposed the invading Norman army led by William Duke of Normandy on October 14th 1066.

After the hard fought battle of Stamford Bridge in which he defeated and killed Harold Hardrada King of Norway who had invaded Northumbria, Harold and his Saxon Army marched from York to the south coast of England. At the small village of Battle, just inland from Hastings, Harold’s tired army met the invading forces of William Duke of Normandy.

These chess pieces are authentic reproductions of the characters, clothing and equipment of the era.

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A game for 1 to 6 players ages 6 and up. Game Idea: The challenge is to find as many matching word cards as possible. You begin by putting a green starter card (A-M) into the card frame. Now a matching word card has to be found. You can check if the cards have been put together correctly by inserting the `Lesehexe`s` shoes in to the cut outs. Who can collect the most word cards?

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