The classic game of rock ’em sock ’em since 1966. The original robots red rocker and blue bomber are featured in the game.

Two contenders control the plastic boxers every move until the winner knocks loose the other’s spring-loaded head. Lots of action and competition.

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Cranium Family Fun gives families the best way to play together as a team in an unforgettably fun game that gives everyone a chance to shine. Packed with 16 hilarious activities, Cranium Family Fun gets you building, flipping, sketching, sculpting, guessing and laughing out loud together every time you play!

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Build a better mousetrap and you can catch your opponents mouse before yours is caught! As you travel around the board, collect pieces to create your trap, then put it together and start up the whole crazy chain reaction this is no ordinary mousetrap! For 2 to 4 players.

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The luck of the draw and a steady hand–these are the keys to success in this Spanish version of the classic board game Operation. The raised game board itself is exactly the same as the English version, featuring the same hapless patient with the bulging red nose that lights up when a player slips and touches the metal sides around each game piece with the “surgical” tweezers. Along with a stack of play money, the game comes with a deck of game cards that determine what surgical procedure each player will have to perform. All of the game’s body parts and ailments are labeled in Spanish, including Aguas con la rodilla (water on the knee) and Corazon herido (broken heart). The game’s instruction booklet is also printed in Spanish only, so at least one player will have to be well-versed in the language in order to read through the game rules. Requires two D batteries (not included). –Chris Burns

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Cranium, the company known for inspiring creative thinking, has whipped up a magical ensemble especially for your wizard of a kid Includes twilight blue starry cape, bendable hat and motion-activated wand with spinning lights and magical sounds Batteries not included For ages 3 yrs. and up Batteries Included: 3 AAA, Recommended age group: 36 months – 6 years, Manufacturer: Cranium

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Join Angelina Ballerina and her friends at Miss Lilly’s Ballet School. The dancers are rehearsing for the “Sunflower Ballet”, and you can too! Learn to leap and twirl like Angelina, Alice, Flora, and Felicity– even little Henry. As you travel around the colorful board, practice ballet steps to earn Angelina dance cards. The first player to fill her stage with cards can perform her routine, a different dance each time! Bonus Game: Lay the dance cards facedown to play a memory matching game. This game introduces young players to basic ballet positions and steps, promotes cooperative play and physical activity, and builds memory skills.

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These four hungry hippos want to munch a bunch of marbles! The faster you press their tails, the more marbles they try to chomp! If your hippo gobbles the most, you win! For 2 to 4 players. Game includes: Hippo game base, 4 Hippo heads, 4 levers, label sheet, 20 marbles, instructions. Color of parts may vary.

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Jumpin’ Java is the strategy game that’s a big buzz without the caffeine. Try to outwit your opponent, and be the first player to jump your cups and slide your saucers to the opposite end of the game board. Jumpin’ Java is a unique game that is fun to play and display. It is sure to find a home on your “coffee” table. Beautiful wood game box holds four cups and saucers with a unique, folding coaster game board and instructions. For two players.

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Shrek has a few things on his mind (and in his mouth), and he needs your help getting them out. Whether it’s the frog in Shrek’s throat, the dollar bill in his “buck tooth” or the hare in his “hare-brain,” kids will have hours of fun performing “laugh-saving” surgery on Shrek. Game features three different game styles, based on popular Shrek movie characters. Includes one talking Shrek surgery head with removable pieces and instruction manual. Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included.

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